Painting and Finishing

‘Soft Touch’ is like no coating you’ve ever felt

 “Soft touch” paint coatings greatly enhance the image of plastics for high quality products. Such coatings are used today on laptops, mobile phones and even sports cars. Soft touch surfaces lend a feel of quality to the plastics that can drastically alter the tactile perception of a material or a component.

We would not commonly associate plastics as a surface that feels nice to the touch, but Soft Touch paint transforms hard surfaces into new textures that feel like expensive suede, soft leather or velvet.

In addition, such surfaces are very resistant to abrasion and scratching. They have low gloss levels and thus low reflectivity, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Fedcor Global is able to provide competitive pricing on Soft Touch paint on everything from small consumer electronics components to larger household items, to food grade canisters. Your customers will appreciate the difference.


Features of Soft Touch Paint:

  • Low gloss, low reflectivity
  • Feel of velvet, leather, silk or rubber
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Wide variety of colors and shades
  • Increased design versatility

 Let us quote your painted component or finished product design and let us see what we can do together.

*Note: Fedcor does not supply paint alone or raw materials for soft touch paint. All painting is done on specialized paint lines in Asia.

We’ll open your eyes to new possibilities

  • Painted finishes in a variety of PMS colors
  • Metallic plating (in an amazing assortment of colors)
  • Black nickel chrome
  • UV paints of all colors (from matte to glossy)
  • UV pearlescent paint, such as that found on some luxury automobiles

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