Packaging and Blow Molding

Fedcor Global is an established supplier of custom blow-molded containers. We offer an unlimited number of container types, styles and finishes, ranging from food-grade canisters with lids to shampoo bottles with in-molded labels that are water and wear proof. We have cost effective solutions no matter what your packaging requirements may be.


Set yourself apart from the competition!

Fedcor will work with you to provide the unique shape, finish and feel of a container that will stand apart from competitors on the shelf, and add value to whatever the container may hold.


Materials include (but are not limited to):

  • Polycarbonate;
  • Polypropylene; and
  • Polyethylene...


Finishes include:

  • Metallic finishes in a wide variety of colors;
  • Chrome plating (actually a vacuum deposition process);
  • Black nickel chrome;
  • Soft touch paint (with the feel of suede or soft leather);
  • UV paints of all colors (from matte to glossy); and
  • UV pearlescent paint, such as that found on some luxury automobiles.


Labels include:

  • In-mold-decorated labels that are permanently molded as part of the


  • Shrink sleeves (that fit over your bottle as desired and provide a

variety of design options);

  • Basic paper or Mylar labels with adhesive.