Keypads and Membrane Switches

We are Keypad experts

Fedcor Global works to bring our customers premium quality keypads and silicone products at competitive prices.

Keypad styles cover a broad range of custom looks and manufacturing processes to meet your specific needs: from basic low cost keypads with silkscreen graphics and carbon pill contacts to full keyboards. Functions range from single push button switches to low profile IMD keypads for cell phones and PDA's.


Keypad Technologies

  • Silicone (Rubber) Keypads
    • Silk-Screened Keypads
    • Laser-Etched Keypads
  • Plastic & Rubber (P+R) Keypads
  • In-Mold-Decorated (IMD) Keypads
  • IMD & Rubber Keypads
  • Chrome Electroplated Keypads


Membrane Switches for all applications

Our Membrane Switches have been used everywhere from outdoor applications to medical units. Most products incorporating membrane switches require them to be durable, and capable of operating reliably in different types of environments, including outdoor applications.

We use only the finest grades of overlay materials to provide superior life cycle and chemical resistance. In life cycle testing, our polyester materials can exceed 1,000,000 cycles. Our hardcoated outdoor grades are both UV and chemical resistant.

Click Here to see attached detailed Product Specification [MS Specification1.PDF] for Membrane Switches.


Metal Domes (Dome Arrays)

Metal domes, also known as snap domes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are as the name implies, dome-shaped disks of metal designed to “snap” over when pressure is applied to the top of the dome. The design is such that when the pressure upon the dome is released, the dome snaps back into its original shape.

Metal dome arrays can incorporate additional functional features such as conductive ink to provide shielding for your EMI critical products.

Our team has extensive experience in metal dome array applications and can assist in optimizing designs for every application. Fedcor holds patent (US 7,378,608) which reduces the total thickness of a metal dome array while improving the tactile feel. (Ideal for applications where thickness is critical).


Silicone and Rubber Products

Fedcor Global offers a wide variety of silicone components and parts; from simple gaskets and silicone boots, to insert molded parts and full silicone enclosures for PDA's and MP3 players; from consumer silicone kitchen products to industrial applications; we have you covered.