Hydro Imaging

Get the look of carbon fiber or wood with Hydro Imaging

Hydro Imaging (or Water Transfer Printing) is a system that allows for an endless number of eye-catching designs to be printed on a wide variety of surfaces. There are hundreds of water transfer printing patterns available, offering a wide array of camouflages, carbon fibers, wood grains, stone, marble, brushed metals, and abstracts.

Most suppliers providing Hydro Imaging services do so for limited quantities of high-end luxury items due to the labor and cost. Fedcor Global is set up to run your high volume production parts with a hydro image finish.

Contact Fedcor Global for a FREE texture plate with hydro image finish.

Hydro Imaging goes by many names, including:

Hydro Printing, Hydro Dipping, Hydrographic Printing, Immersion Printing, Water Transfer Imaging, Water Transfer Printing, Water Dipping, Water Printing, Cubic Printing