Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusion's versatility provides for countless design options

Strength-to-Weight Ratio- Because the extrusion process "puts the metal where it is needed," the result is a very strong part with relatively low weight. Aluminum is about 1/3 the weight of copper or steel, with very good tensile strength.

Corrosion Resistance- Excellent; it can be further increased, along with enhanced appearance, through anodizing or other coatings and finishes.

Thermal Conductivity- Excellent; ideal for heat exchanger applications including heat sinks.

Finishing- A near limitless array of finishes can be applied including:

  • paints
  • powder coating
  • anodizing
  • etching (with a frosted appearance)
  • bright dipping

Tooling Economics- Extrusion tooling is relatively inexpensive, with shorter lead times.

Fedcor Global can provide both standard shapes (channels, tubes, bars, etc.) as well as custom shapes based on customer CAD files and drawings. Whether you need a small decorative extrusion or a large extrusion to house your electronics we can provide a solution to meet your requirements.