DC Motors

Fedcor is a supplier of small dc motors, vibration motors and gear motors for use in automotive, home appliance, medical, toy and industrial applications. We additionally supply brushless dc motors and pumps for various customer applications.

Our factories are ISO/TS16949: 2009 certificated as well as ISO 9001:2008 certificated, with annual capacity of 90 million pcs.

DC Motors:

We provide permanent magnet brushed dc motors with diameter between 6~52mm.

Specify brush type, rotor type, and magnet type. The shaft length and performance details such as voltage, speed, torque etc. can be additionally be customized to customer requirements.

Vibration Motors:

For all of our dc motors, we can attach an off-centered weight to the motor's rotational shaft that causes the motor to vibrate. They can be widely used for cell phones, pagers, gaming controllers, and personal massagers.

Gear Motors:

For all of our dc motors, we can also attach a reduction gear train and integrate both of them into an easily mountable and configurable system. Or we can provide a custom new solution based on customer requirements.

Brushless DC motors and Pumps:

Provide us with your requirements and we will forward an appropriate solution to meet your needs.

PCB and Flexible Circuits (FPC):

Fedcor is a PCB supplier specializing in both Quick Turn PCB & Prototypes as well as full service PCB products. We are not just a rigid PCB supplier, but also a Flexible Circuit (FPC) supplier.

Fedcor deals in the supply of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB, FPC), Single-Sided PCB, PTH Double-Sided PCB, NPTH Double-Sided PCB, Aluminum PCB (AL PCB), Flexible PCB (FPC), Multi-layer PCB (2~16 Layers) for customers throughout the US.

Flex circuits can be shaped to fit your unit. Unlike round wire or ribbon cable, flex circuits provide a customized repeatable routing path within your assembly, which reduces both space and weight.

Prototype through to volume manufacture is all made via the same state-of-the-art tooling, manufacturing and test facilities. There is a single tooling charge. No additional tooling charges are made to customers when the product goes to production.

Quality Certificates: ISO9001: 2008, UL (E351742), REACH (138), IS014001, TS16949, and RoHS

Click Here to see attached sheet [Flex Capabilities1.PDF] for Standard Capabilities

Electronics (PCB and Flex Circuits)