Additional Products

With our team in Asia, Fedcor has the resources to find the best manufacturing resources for new commodities. We work with our network to find the best suppliers, then our team personally visits the factory to perform an audit and insure that they meet our requirements. We specialize in a number of areas, but shown below are a few that we've added at the request of customers or suppliers.

Foamed Polyurethane (PU) Parts

Do you have a challenging foam material requirement? Or are you looking to reduce cost on a current foam product? We have a number of standard foam materials that provide high energy absorption and impact protection for static or dynamic loads, vibration or shock isolation, padding/cushioning and more. Materials are applicable to a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. We can also custom develop a material to meet your specific requirements.

Our open-celled polyurethane foam produced by a molding process that gives excellent quality control and consistency. Technologies are available to produce either temperature-sensitive or less-temperature sensitive foam. The latter tolerates ±10% more temperature fluctuation and stays within ±5 hardness variation.

Typically, the key characteristics of slow recovery foam are:

  • low compression set
  • low rebound
  • highly damped properties
  • excellent energy absorption

Our slow recovery foam exceeds most industry standards.

Click here to see the attached list for standard property values.

We have everything from patented anti-static foams, to foams with abrasive properties. Our foam experts are able to customize the properties based on your functional requirements.

Our Earforms™ hypoallergenic Foam Tips are specifically formulated for their acoustic properties and are ideal for hearing aids and audio components such as earbuds or audio headsets. We customize formulations and properties based on the specific audio or cosmetic requirements of our customers.


Exterior Product Packaging

Fedcor Global has a number of packaging options with a variety of options. Shown on this page are several generic boxes of various shapes, although Fedcor Global can supply custom printed boxes with detailed folds and structures for every application. Several of our ‘electronics packaging’ customers have also purchased outer packaging to create a turnkey solution to their supply demands.


An undiscovered improvement to the printer and copier market


Laser Printer Roller Technology     Technology of Nano Science

Friction causes static charges, resulting in reduced functionality and printing quality.

Nano materials and nano processing has yielded a new state-of-the-art nano composite roller which controls static charge, improving printer performance. Typical roller conductivity is 104~105 Ùcm.

Fedcor has exclusive agreements with our Asia manufacturing partner to provide laser printer supply rollers, and complete roller assembly sets at economical prices.